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So Yeah.....

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.....I'm waiting for an important email and I have nothing to do today. So boredom has ensued. I got my birthday present from my parents very own DVR...or Tivo for you technologically impaired few. YAY!!! I've been setting it to tape stuff left and right. heh. But for now I am soooooo bored so I did another survey...I would have just posted this tmm but what the hell? I have plans's my relaxing day. OG! An Rent comes out on dvd on Tues!! I am SO there!!!


1% : what color are your eyes: My eyes are green with a little blue in them

2% : what color were they when you were born: Blue

3% : what color are your lashes: Uhmmm dark brown?

4% : do you have bigger pupils than others or smaller: Uhhhh what?

5% : have you ever counted the number of times you blink in a second: Hahahah no

6% : do you wear contacts: Yes

7% : do you wear glasses: I'm supposed to but I don't

8% : did you ever have eye surgery: No

9% : what was the last thing that poked you in the eye: uhmmmmm eye crusties

10% : can you touch your eyes without finching or does it just gross you out: No I can do it

11% : how often do you look into people's eyes when you talk: I always's common courtesy

12% : what's your favorite eye color: I love light or green

13% : do you ever just go up to someone and look into their eyes because you want to know their eye color: HAHA no, but Josh did that to me once

14% : do you wear sunglasses often: Not since my last pair broke grrrr...

15% : what eye color do you wish you had: I'm good with the color I have

16% : can you cross your eyes: Yes

17% : do you roll your eyes constantly: Not constantly

18% : what's your favorite color: Blue or purple

19% : what's the prettiest season and why: Summer!! Everything is colorful and warm!

20% : who's the hottest or cutest person you ever saw: OMG, I have no clue....

21% : what was the last thing you read (bookwise): Uhm..The DaVinci Code

22% : who was the last person you wanted to see: Heh :)

23% : what was the last thing you watched on tv: Aladdin

24% : do you read the newspaper much: Nope

25% : do you read magazines much: Yeah

26% : do you read much in general: I try to

27% : what's the first thing you see if you look over past your computer: My's a laptop

28% : did you ever see it hailing: I live in MI...what do you think??

29% : don't you hate it when you have sleep in your eyes (like the crusty crap): Eww that stuff is icky...

30% : close your eyes. (after you read the whole question, dumbie) are there lights still in your lids with the dark? You spelt dummy wrong.....and yes

31% : can you sleep with a light on: If I'm really tired yes

32% : how light is it outside: Uhmm*looks* it's almost dark out

33% : can you roll your eyes into the back of your head: Yeah but it ain't pretty


1% : do you like your ears: I never really gave my ears much thought

2% : do have them pierced: Yes

3% : how many times: Once in each ear, but I plan on double peircing...

4% : what's your favorite sound: Hmm....I like soft sounds but I don't think I have a fave sound

5% : what's the worst noise in the world: nails screeching on a board or Ashlee Simpson's voice

6% : are you listening to any music: Yes

7% : what do you hear around you: my music playing and Chris in his room

8% : what's your favorite song: At the moment?? Jesse's Girl-Rick Springfield

9% : can you wiggle your ears: No

10% : when was the last night you stuck your fingers in your ears so you couldn't hear something and why: LOL I couldn't even tell you

11% : do your ears have attached lopes or unattached: What? Uhmmmm attached?

12% : do your ears get red when your embarassed or any other emotion roars through your body: Yes

13% : what was the last thing someone said to you: Mel! Where's Raleigh?

14% : is it annoying to get that ringing noise in there: Yessss means people are talking about you....doesn't surprise me anymore really

15% : do you hear voices in your head: Thankfully, just my own

16% : what was the last thing you heard that you rather you didn't: Chris and Brittany...enough said....

17% : what was the last thing you wanted to hear, but never heard it: How about something other than 'How sweet of you' ?

18% : what was the last piece of advice you were given: You've gotta take chances...

19% : did you ever put a rubber band around your ear: Uhhh no

20% : go and open the door to outside and what's the first thing you hear: Silence


1% : do you ever stop talking: Derrr

2% : who did you talk to last: My mom

3% : what was the last thing you said: That Raleigh was upstairs

4% : did you brush your teeth today: Yes

5% : how many times to you usually: Uhmmm do I usually what?

6% : who are you talking with now: No one

7% : who do you wish you were talking to: A certain person....

8% : who was the last person to call you: Angie I think my phone has been being wiggy lately

9% : who was the last person you called: A friend

10% : who was the last person to IM you: Pat Harrison....not manager Pat, Pat from school, that whole two Pat H. thing is gonna drive me crazy

11% : who was the last person you IMed: Uhmmm Mara

12% : do you talk to yourself: Sadly, when I'm pissed and can't vent to someone, it calms me down

13% : do you mind: No.

14% : what was the stupidest thing you said in the past 48 hours: Hmmmmmmmm...I can't think of anything...

15% : do you sing: Of course!

16% : do you sing in the shower: Yep

17% : do you sing in public: Do I really need to answer this?

18% : do you hum or sing while walking down the halls? (applies to students): Lol not down the halls no, but when I'm at work, I'll sing along to the radio

19% : are you outspoken: No

20% : are you opinionated: Yes

21% : do you speak your mind: Sometimes

22% : how often do people tell you to shut up, jokingly or not: Lol often

23% : are you a public speaker type: Hmmmm possubly depending on the subject

24% : do you stutter: No
25% : how many languages do you speak: English, Franglais, and some French

26% : how often do you scream: Not often

27% : are you loud or quiet: Quiet

28% : does your mouth reflect your personality on the inside: Huh??

29% : who has the coolest/sweetest voice: Jason Mraz to both accounts

30% : how do you get your voice heard and ideas out: LJ or by word of mouth

31% : do you often write letters: Not often but sometimes

32% : what was the last song you sung to: Doing Under-Evanscence

33% : what's your usual greeting to a friend: Hey....or Aloha

34% : what's your usual greeting to an adult: Hi or hey

35% : what's your usually greeting on the phone: Hello? if I don't know the number and Aloha if I do

36% : what's your favorite food: Pasta

37% : what's your favorite gum: Big Red

38% : what's your favortie word: Rockin

39% : what's your favorite drink: Cherry Coke but ask me after my bday..;)

40% : is your tongue pierced: No, but an ex-bf did

41% : do you like tongue piercings: They're uhmmm different ;)

42% : how about lip piercings: Ehhhhh

43% : ever have braces, how long: No

44% : do you have a retainer, for how long: No

45% : can you curl your tongue: Yes

46% : can you whistle, on inhale or exhale: Hahahahaha I can't whistle!

47% : do you grind your teeth: No

48% : did you have your first kiss yet and with who: Yes a long time ago.....uhhhh Stephen was his name

49% : did you ever french: Yes

50% : how many people have you ever kissed, cheek or lips: Oh god cheeck too? Too many to count

51% : off the kissing subject already... did you ever have a filling: Yes

52% : if so, how many: Three to date

53% : how many cavities: Look above

54% : are you a lipgloss addict: Not really

55% : how about chapstick: YESSSS

56% : do you like the dentist: HELL NO!!!!

57% : do you have all four wisdom teeth: Yes

58% : ever have any teeth pulled: One

59% : how about a root canal: Ewww I hope I never do

60% : go to a mirror and count how many teeth you have: No thank you average would be 32 so I'll go with that

61% : did you lose all your baby teeth yet: yeah all that I will lose anyway

62% : if not, how many to go: -----

63% : what was the last thing you ate: Some pretzels

64% : current taste: Salty

65% : do you bite: Not hard lol

66% : how often do you snap at people: Hardly ever

67% : are your teeth straight: I think so

68% : can you flip you tongue over: Yep

69% : can you snap your tongue really loud: Eh?

70% : can you pop your lips: Yeah


1% : is your nose pierced: No

2% : do you like pierced noses: No

3% : current scent: Cappacino from my candle

4% : no coke sniffing, right: Ewwww

5% : what about pixi stix up the nose ever: Ick but Mark did it once and it burned! Moron!

6% : do you hold your nose to swim: No

7% : can you flare your nostrils: Yes

8% : do you have freckles on the bridge of your nose: No

9% : do you think your nose is big or small: uhmmm normal?

10% : do you pick it sometimes? (be honest): Ewwwww

11% : do you push your nose to keep your balance: What???

12% : what's the worst scent: Hot garbage

13% : what's the best scent: Buttercream frosting candle, strawberries, the guy you like

14% : what deodorent do you use: Lady Speed Stick

15% : what's your favorite cologne: Burberry Touch

16% : what's your favorite perfume: Curious or Eternity

17% : what do you use: Many different scents...I like variety

18% : does scent matter in the opposite sex (not as in they shower or not but their cologne or perfume): Nope

19% : do you blow your nose in public: I try not to

20% : look around. find a random thing and and smell it. describe it's scent. and then say what it was: Sweet, kind of sour, fruity......Grren Apple chapstick


1% : what does you keyboard feel like: Like a keyboard

2% : what's the best feeling in the world (emotionally): Pure happiness

3% : what's the best feeling in the world (physically): When your body is totally relaxed

4% : what's the worst feeling in the world (emotionally): To feel like no one out there cares about you

5% : what's the worst feeling in the world (physically): Extreme cold

6% : what do your feet feel like at the moment: Kinda bored

7% : what do you hands feel like at the moment:A little dry...perhaps I need some lotion

8% : what does your head feel like at the moment: Honestly, it's starting to hurt a little

9% : what does your bladder feel like, especially after this: Uhm fine?

10% : what do your legs feel like at the moment: My foot is asleep

11% : what do your shoulders and arms feel like at the moment: My shoulders are all achy..where's John when I need him??

12% : what does your butt feel like at the moment: comfy

13% : what does your neck feel like at the moment: Crickety

14% : are you cold: No

15% : are you comfortable: For the most part

16% : where are you: On my futon in my room

17% : who was the last person you hugged: Kevin Raeburn

18% : who was the last person that pushed you: Jah of course

19% : who was the last person that you pushed: Again...Jah lol

20% : when was the last time you fell over: Uhmmmmm I don't remember

21% : does music calm you and your nerves: Yessssss

22% : if not, then what makes you chill: Venting is always nice...or going for a looong walk or drive

23% : what stresses you out: Drama with people, uncertainty, school, casting days, etc.

24% : when was the last time you touched a doorknob: Uhm, to get into my room

25% : do you crack your knuckles: Yes and it drives people nuts

26% : what's your current emotion: Bored

27% : ever think you were in love: Nope

28% : how many times have you fallen for the opposite sex: Fallen like in love? Never, I don't think.

29% : what's the worst season (in feeling wise of course): I don't really know.....
30% : how do you feel now, after that long survey: Still bored unfortunately

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