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Dearly Beloved.....Let's Go CRAZY!!!!!!

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Sooooo, I know it's a little later than I said I would update and I know y'all have been on the edge of your seat waiting with baited breath to have another post. *Note my sarcasm there * ;)

Ok, so where to start? I guess the begining would be nice, eh? Lol

I worked open server shift like ALWAYS on Sat morning. The day went by fairly quick....sooo, it's 3:30 and my tables are getting up. I'm thinking Yessss....finally a day I can get out on time! Well, the hosts decide to TRIPLE SEAT me! TWO 5 tops and a two top! I was like uh-uh, no way, I am SICK of people doing this to me EVERY TIME!! So, I got instantly pissed off! The night server is on in ten minutes people! Wait a damn minute! Don't fill my section up and think I'll be okie dokie, guess I'll have to stay here till around 7pm then and think I'll be fine with it! lol

So, I started the tables because I don't wanna get fired, thanks, and find Jessica, the night server in my section. Thank goodness she took over for me. Near crisis averted. :) Seems I'm pretty good with talking my way into/out of stuff. Hope I didn't just jinx myself there...knock on wood!

So, I come home and mom tells me Al called, so I cross my fingers and call her back. And she was up for going! Yay!!!

So, I ate a quick dinner, got ready, got gas, and picked Al up around 10 to 9pm. And we made our way out to Sevin the nightclub in Pontiac!

So, we're on Southfield and there's this truck a car ahead of us with like 5 mattresses in it's bed. Suddenly, the car in front of me comes to a freakin halt and I'm like 'Shit, either I get over a lane or rear end this car!' So, I get over and A MATTRESS FELL OUT OF THIS DUDE'S CAR and he didn't even stop!!!!! We fucking ran over a MATTRESS!! It was scarry! Me and Al were like 'oh shit, this is SO not a good sign!'

A little bit afterwards, this guy pulls next to us and is honking and pointing at the front of my car. We're both like 'ohhh boy what happened?'. The tire was fine, the lights are fine, what the hell is his problem, so we kept going till we got to the club. We looked at that side of the car and NOTHING was wrong so I have NO clue WTF that guy was pointing at!!

I left my cell phone in the car that was an oops but oh well.

I don't think I've explained Sevin but it's awesome!!! On the smaller side, but a perfect club for everyone...well, who likes to club anyways. :) Pounding music, light show, nice dance floor, dancers in cages, huuuge bar, good guy/girl ratio, VIP room, waterfalls, etc. Freakin great!!

But, alas, I didn't get to do the 'club' thing ,ie drink and dance. One, I had to drive home, and two Al is NOT a club dance kinda person. So, we walked around or sat on the leather couch talking.

We were watching the dance floor and as I turn around to go back to our 'waiting area' (lol) this guy pops out of NOWHERE and asks me to dance! Ahhhh! lol Had he been cute, I might have said yes, but he was a slightly creepy older guy....uhmm no. That and I couldn't abandon Al there. I quickly declined and walked at a good pace to our couch before totally cracking up!

Sooooo, Ashley didn't even show till 11:30 or so! Fashionably late I guess. We were walking back to our couch when they walked right by us! Gahhhh.....Ahsley walked RIGHT next to me and smiled as he went past! Awwwwww.......he's adorable...and I mean that. :)

So, we went out to the dance floor where they had set up a table and two chairs for him and Tiffany. Only problem, there was NO, and I mean ZERO organization to this! No, everyone get in a single file line, get in, get out like it should be. No, the crowd just well, crowds, around the table, everyone fighting for a chance to get to the front....nobody moving after they're done, so others can't get through. It was ridiculous. I think Ashley might have said something because then they moved him up a couple stairs to a little sitting area on their left. And tried to get the crowd into a line. Obviously, starstruck drunk people don't listen very well. *shakes head*

Now, it's an organized clutter. We stood there waiting for ,no joke, 45 Minutes! I was getting seriously REALLY. They kept letting all the staff and 'people who know the manager' in and the line was going NOWHERE! Let them meet him AFTER the crowd, dumbasses! We stood in the SAME spot the whole time!

I finally had enough and go, "Al, you now have a migraine." She's like What? but did as I said. I cut to the head of the line to talk to the security dude standing there. At first, he told me to get back in line *Pshhh right!* and I told him I needed to talk to him. I told him that my friend is getting a migraine and I need to get her home. Is there anyway we can get in and out? He asked where she was, I showed him Al. He told me to get her, so I did, and he tells us we'll be next!

Now during this time, some drunk girl asked, more like barked, to Al, "WTF does your friend think she's doing?" Al told her I was going to see what the hold-up was. Then, when I brought Al up, the girl was like, "What makes you so fucking special? How come you get to go up?". Al told her she had epilepsy (sp?) and she had to get in and go! HAHAHAHA So, we totally lied to get in right away but what the hell? It WORKED right???? LOL

We had to wait another minute or so and then we were climbing the stairs to Ashley who is just completely freaking adorable! I can't get over it! :)

My impression besides adorable? Very nice, genuine, friendly, sweet, and soft. He himself was soft and well as his touch and his voice...but that's prolly cuz of the pounding music! lol

So, we walk up there and he greeted Al first, shaking her hand and asking her name and how she's doing. She told him she was getting a little headache-y and he goes, "I know! I'm gonna wake up with a migraine tomorrow too!"

Then, he turns to me and shakes my hand and asks my name. Thing is, he can't hear much either, so he told me to get right up in his ear so he could hear! Gahhhhh.....LOL So, of course, I did, talk right to his ear *Yes, his hair is soft*

At that point, Tiffany had finished signing two pics for me and Al and goes, "HI guys! How are you??" Al, not having watched There and Back was just like hi....I on the other hand, knew and said "Hey Tiffany! Good, how are you?" She was good.

Then, we got in figuration for the picture. (Al gave her camera to the security guy up there with them) Me and Al were in the middle. Tiffany was on Al's left. ASHLEY was on my right! He's quite friendly--no qualms about getting right up next to you! lol He slid his arm around my waist *hand on hip* and pulled me in and leaned over a little bit....soo frickin cute! The guy screwed up the pic the first time (he zoomed in all the way and only got me and Al! LOL) so, we got to take another one! And Ashley 'held' me the whole time....gahhhh...Tiffany is a very lucky girl. And Tiffany is beautiful in person....she really is gorgeous. :)

After the picture was taken, Ashley signed the pics, and asked us if we wanted one. *Well, DERRRR!* Of course we each took one! He thanked us for coming out and I in turn thanked him for stopping by in Detroit! Heh. He thanked us again, and HUGGED us both! He initiated it, not us! Waay cute! *beams*

Al got some great pics of him at the table, at the lounge, and of course, the one of the four of us! I have got to get her memory card and make a cd of it so I can put the pics up here and at MySpace! Hehehe

After that, we hightailed it outta there so as to avoid the highly pissed drunk girls! hahaha Gooooooood times!

Next up, Anothy Rapp on April 17th with Ariel! EeeeeeeeeeEeeeee!!!

So, Al and I decided last night to go to lunch...we ended up at Mongo. Actually, it was quite good! lol I get sick of it quickly so, it's nice when it really is yummy.

Mistah was there...we were getting salads and he seriously almost ran into me! I averted thank god and he didn't even notice! I was like Al...and nodded my head. lol

As we're leaving, he comes RIGHT up behind me and says "Byye, Mel" and I turn cuz he kinda startled me, and he smiled... Ahhhhh, things like THAT are why I keep the delusion going! hahahaha

As we walked out, I voiced that to Al and she's like What?? I was right there and I missed it?!?! lol Yeah, go figure.....and as we're going back to the car, who comes out the back door, but Mistah! goes into the shed. A part of me was SERIOUSLY tempted to rush into that shed and jump him! But, I didn't...sad for me...teehee.

I came home and read a litte, caught up to a couple things, and watched the series finale of What I Like About You. Of course everything turned out great and they all live happiliy ever after. The show left me kinda depressed. Why can't real life be like that? You get your dream come true......your love comes back to you.....your longtime crush finally sucks it up and makes a move. *Yes that did happen in the show, not me projecting feelings here* Life would be so much easier if everything worked out. Ahhh well, no sense in trying to live a fairytale....gotta deal with reality first. *nods*

On THAT note, I'm gonna get on outta here and finish reading Without You, Anthony Rapp's book. And it's good! Definitely an inside look...damn, I would NEVER share the things he has!!

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