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The Minor Fall, The Major Lift.......

"We think therefore we are a bit confused" 

Very true. 

Sooooo, the supposed truth is that guys are simple creatures. B has said this to me on numerous occasions and I know he wouldn't say it if he didn't feel it was true. 

So, I accepted that. But still don't know why I can't figure men out. Figured I just know how to pick em lol. 

Then Nick went and made everything as clear as mud. According to him, men are just as complicated as women but in different ways. (I'm not sure about what ways are different) The problem is that guys want women to think that they are simple because of this myth. Which makes them even more complicated in my mind. At least we as women will be the first to tell you we're nearly impossible to figure out.

I don't get it yet I do. I never saw how you could be so simple yet still be able to handle such complicated emotions as falling in love, for example. I know that's always complicated and I've never been in love. In lust sure (haha), but not love. 

It still doesn't help figuring out the opposite sex. It's probably something I'll never understand since everyone is so different. One phrase or look or action could mean two completely different things to two different people. 

Then again, I really really believe that artists/performers feel things deeper than others do. They have an inner passion.......more emotion. How else could they play a dramatic role without it? You tap into that to present the most real performance. 

Tortured artists are always the brilliant ones. If they weren't tortured...they wouldn't be artists. 

That could pretty much be why I am the way I am. I care too much about what others think of me but at the same time, I really don't. I'm irritated when people talk about me and things that are none of their business " Thanks for making me the center of your world, bitches". At the same time, I'm like why do they even care? Why should I care that they care? 

Why do we care so much about what other people think? I mean family.....friends.....significant others....that would make sense. They are important people in your life. You don't want them upset or disappointed in you for your choices and you know they think the same for you. But people you're just aqquaintances with, people you see but don't talk to, people who don't even know you......why do we care what they think? Why do we give them that power to stress us out or make us feel some negative feeling towards ourselves......shame, guilt, self-conscious, uncomfortable, wrong.  I know I've felt it. I'm sure others have. 

Is it just the need to be accepted by everyone? Because that will never happen. There will always be someone who doesn't like you....oftentimes for no good reason at all. 

Sadly, I guess another part of human nature is to gossip. It's terrible, but we just can't help it.  The world would be easier if we all just didn't gossip and spread rumors. Then again, it would be pretty boring too. Double edge sword I suppose. 

Gossip is interesting. But it's so toxic. Gossip (esp when it's false) can be the ultimate destructor. Gossip separates families.  Gossip ruins friendships. Gossip destroys serious relationships. Gossip can put people out of a job or a home. It's that bad and lethal when done right. 

And all it is is words. Words that are "juicy" and "the scoop or the dirt". People who have nothing better to do in life than screw up others' lives. Screw up others' lives just for some sense of instant amusement....a power surge per se. Those people are some of the worst.  If you really have a craving for all that drama, watch The OC or Grey's Anatomy. At least that way, no one gets hurt. 

I wish there was a way to block out all that negativity. It changes points of view, it distorts things. All kinds of things. Maybe then, things would stand a better chance of working out. All the previously mentioned above would be okay. I guess we'll never know. *shrugs*

I don't know what brought on this insightfulness tonight. Perhaps it's very late at night, I'm pulling an all-nighter and need something to occupy my time so it's flys by instead of dragging. Not quite sure. 

Am I crazy or actually making sense?


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