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It's Tiiiiime.....

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.....for another survey! I'm vored...really bored......Valentine's Day is sooo boring when you don't actually Have a Valentine......:/


Do you wear black eyeliner?: Sometimes, if it fits the outfit du jour

How much black clothing do you own?: Hmmmmm, a fair amount of black

Do you think about death often?: Noooooo

Do you want to die?: Ew, what kind of question is that?

Are you a social outcast?: nope

Are you pale?: Oy almost tranluescent

Do you cut?: ewwwwwww no!

Do you like Hot Topic?: Actually, I kind of like Hot Topic

--Skater Punk--

Can you skateboard?: HAHA, that's a laugh!

How often do you go into Pac Sun?: More frequently recently lol

What's your sneaker brand?: lol I'm not loyal to one brand....I'm a shoe whore, I'll admit it!

Do you do stupid stuff with your friends?: Hahahaha, I've had my moments

Are the long skater cuts hott?: Say who what now??

How much do you get in trouble?: Not too often and not for really bad things :)

Do you listen to the bands who are considered
"posers"?: Uhmmmmm...define 'poser'

How many piercings do you have?: Two and a scar from my third


How often do you say the word "like"?: lol probably more than I should but not up to Cher and Dionne standards

Do you shop at Abercrombie and Fitch?: No

Are the A&F models hott?: Ehhh they're dime a dozen models..what fun is that?

How many purses do you own?: least 8 or so?

Is lipgloss a must?: Not always, but chapstick?? Can't live without it!

How often do you wear makeup?: I try to everyday unless I'm feeling particularly lazy

Ever had a manicure?: Yes, I want another!

Rock music is bad, right?: NO!

Are you ever ditzy?: I have my moments, but I would never say I am a ditz

Do you own high heels?: Yes

Have you ever said "Oh my gosh"?: LOL yeah!

Are you a cheerleader?: I was freshmen year of high school then quit because the girls were bitchy


Is your hair long?: No

Are you a vegetarian?: Uhmmm sort of no red meat for me!

Do you own a tye dye shirt?: Mmmmm no

Do you want peace?: Of course

Do you want to save the animals?: Again, of course

What do you think about the war?: AGAINST IT!

Have you ever made a peace sign with your two
fingers?: Lol , who hasn't??


Are you from the ghetto?: HAHAHAHAHA

Do you own "bling bling"?: Haaaaa nooooo

What do you think about do-rags?: They crack me up!

Do you like rap?: ehhhh some of it

How about hip-hop?: Is there really difference??

Was Tupac truly the greatest rapper in the world?: He must be if he's still making records in the afterlife...

What do you think about afros?: They look ridiculous

Have you ever said 'fo shizzle'?: Fo shizzle, my nizzile all the time-izzle! Oy!

How about 'oh, snap son'?: LOL nope


Is life a party?: I wouldn't say that no

How often do you get drunk?: Slim to seldom

What's the point of getting drunk anyway?: Hell if I know

Do you care about your grades?: Yes

Do you need attitude adjustment?: No

How far have you been?: Are we talking sex here? I think everyone already knows That one.....


How often do you cry?: I don't have a schedule for that, dude...

Do you have an ex?: Well, derrrr.....

Do you have an acoustic guitar?: No

Are you emotional?: Yes, and I blame it on my zodiac sign!

Do you like soft music?: Yes, when the mood strikes me

Do people understand you?: Mmmmmm not as well as they think they do

Do you write your own songs?: Nope, I suck at song writing

Is your hair dyed dark?: Yes actually but not black dark


Do you play any sports?: Hahahahaha, yeah right...

How important are they to you?: NOT

How important is your reputation?: Ya know, I used to think it was really really important. Then, I decided hell with it and did some stupid things I actually regret and I HATE regretting things. So, yes a rep is important because it can keep you in line.

Do you pick on the geeky kids?: Never!

What do you think about football?: Ooooooo....I think I went over this around SuperBowl Time!

Are you considered a bully by anyone?: Nope


Do you wear glasses?: No, but I do wear contacts

Do you get good grades?: I try...

Are you smart?: Smart in what way??

Do you use an inhaler?: No

Do you stick pens and calculators into your shirt?: LOL no

pockets?: Again no

Does your mom buy your clothes?: Ewww no!

How often are you on the computer?: Sadly, quite often

Do you get picked on?: In middle school, tons, but that stopped in high school.

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