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Gahhhhhhhhh.......Ashley Parker Angel is frickin ADORABLE in PERSON!!!

I just got home like 10 minutes ago.....but I am soooo tired since I've been up since 9 this morning, and it's almost 2am! And I smell like cigarette smoke, and Al and I are going out for lunch tomorrow, so after that I will update on what happened at Sevin.

Let's say this includes, mattresses, *I know WHAT?!?!* , fat guys, drunk scary girls, lying your way to the top, and meeting Ashley and Tiffany! EEP!

So, I'll be back after lunch tmm to post all about it! *Al has the pics, we got quite a I'll ty to get the memory card from her so I can make a pic post for eveyone...Al got some good shots....!! :)

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