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Milk, Milk, Lemonade!

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Where to begin???

I don't even know where to start, honestly. LOL Mraz never ceases to amaze me, that's for damn sure. The man has more talent in his pinky finger than most people do in their entire being. Just incredible.

Me and Liz got there around......6ish? And it was COOOOOOLD!!! I went back to the car to grab us hoodies/jackets it was that goosebump-inducing! lol The line was snaked around the corner already, but we were in the first half of the line for sure.

That theatre is awesome! I <3 it! It's all cute! I like the way they set it up with the floor having different levels. We stood on the second level on a stair/stoop of sorts.

The opening act was Big City Rock. An odd choice of opener for Mraz I thought, but they were good. :)

Mraz came out during one of their songs and was acting like a total goofball. ROTFL He was rocking out hardcore! I don't know what he was singing if it was the actual words, but this title Milke, Milk Lemonade! was part of it! It was hysterical and people went nuts for him when he came out! :)

Mraz started his act with just him and his guitar playing The Boy is Gone. Then, Toca came out and they did Childlike Wildlife. Then, it was rock out with full band time. Still Jason, Toca, Ian, Adam, and Eric as the band...gotta love it.

He did both new songs and older stuff. You and I Both was really cool because EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the theatre was singing along. He eventually stopped and had the audience sing the end of the song. It was really cool. I mean, as a performer, the thrill he must have gotten from hearing thousands of strangers/fans singing every word to this song he wrote back in San Diego must be truly awesome in the purest sense of the word. When the crowd has finished, he goes, "Wow, that was beautiful, guys. Thank you." Awwwww.....:)

During Unfold, the band went into a "brizzake-down" and Mraz went off freestyling! He went for a solid three minutes or was amazing. Lurve it! :)

During The Remedy, which he speeds up, btw, lol, he did the first verse and chorus then goes, "In French!!" and sang the second verse in French!! Me and Liz both stopped like, Wait what?? LOL

He talked a lot between sons, towards the end, about ,how, ya know, it's his job to rock, so he wants us to turn it around and use the enthusiasm we have at the show and apply it to our jobs. He's like "Yeah, like if you're a student when you walk into class, slide in on your knees like "WHOOOOO!" Let's rock this shit!" An then you finish that test, jump up on the desk and be like, "Yeah, I'm out, stay fresh!" "Or your workin at Kinko's that 8 hour day, when you clock out, stand up on that counter and be like, "My shift's over! Peace out, bitches! Stay fresh! Be like, "I'm an employee of the Now! Don't wait till Employee of the Week or Employee of the NOW!" Hahahaha.....lmao I ♥ him. :)

Geek in the Pink was freakin AWESOME live! OMG, LOVE IT! He went full OUT on that one! He ended, with, "Geek in the Pink......My shift's over! Peace out, bitches! Stay fresh!", dropped the mic and strutted off. Hahahaha, leave it to him to make an exit. The encore was Song for a Friend which was cooooooool as well.

We went out to the busses afterwards, but Jason pulled a Houdini we didn't get to mingle with him. *siiiiiiigh* Ahh, well. And there was this Crazy Psycho Bum that wouldn't leave the fans out there alone! He got into a fight with the security gaurds! He was doing karate moves and and Liz were like...."What....the.....fuck....????" Sooooo weird!!!

We got home around.....1amish??? I think, anyway. It was cool to hang out with Liz again....we had stuff to catch up on.....hahaha

I watched the season finale of The OC today! OMG!!!!!!!!! THEY KILLED MARISSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn Volchek....he ran Ryan and Marissa off the road......I can't tell if she's truly dead or what though. I mean they showed her last breath and Ryan couldn't revive her, but why in the world would Mischa leave a hit tv show?? I mean, Adam Brody and Ashton Kutcher have proven time and again you can do both movies and tv at the same time. I don't I'll have to wait till fall to see what the hell happens. *sigh*

We went out to eat @ Ruby Tuesday's and to see The DaVinci Code today as a family. Mmmmm Strawberry Margs.....yum lol.

So, we sit through all the preview crap, then the movie STOPPED and it went back to that screen of ads n stuff!!! People were PISSED and went to complain. Then, they put the movie on, but it was already like 15 minutes into it! No joke, the ENTIRE theater got up and went out to complain. So, everyone had to sit another half hour to see it at the next time, get their money back and free passes. I guess it worked out.

Now, I have to say, the movie is nowhere as good as the book. The book is very intruiging....this went way too quick for me. They didn't explain things in as much detail, which I understand. But they changed things I thought should be there. They didn't get into how intricate all the clues were, they just figured them out which bugged me. But, it was still a good movie. BUT, I highly recommend reading the book either way! Remember: The book is ALWAYS better than the movie!

Well, it's almost 1am and I have work tmm @ 11am...yessss.....I'm out of my Sat morn opening streak! Whoo! lol

So, people holla at me! I have work tmm till 430ish, Ally's ice show Sun, work Mon *but I'm opening so it's def 1st cut*.....then I have Tues, Wed and Thurs free! PLEASE don't make me have to sit here cooped up in the house all day!!!! CALL ME and we'll hang out!!!!!!!! JUST DOOOOO ITTTTT!!!!


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